RC Wives Hall Of Fame

Jennifer Lanthrop


RC Wife of Randy Lanthrop-

 She calls Wild Bill's Raceway her home track. Her and her husband both race competitively and we're not sure who's more competitive. They both support each other's racing equally while they travel to a lots of races!! Way to go Jennifer!!

Patricia Thompson


RC Wife of Mark Bryant-

 She calls Slideways RC her home track. She goes by Trish and is at every race cheering her husband on when she gets the opportunity to. She is his biggest supporter and cheerleader. She is not afraid to get out there and help in anytime he needs it. She is definitely an awesome RC Wife!

Jennifer Mikulencak


RC Wife of Kevin Mikulencak-

 She calls Wild Bill's Raceway and Indy RC World her home track. She's a proud supporter of her husband and all three kids racing!! They also do traveling races as a family and she never once complains!! She's the perfect example of a RC wife and mom!

Dawn Forrest & Tammi Day


RC Wives of Darrell Forrest and Bryan Day-

The Durango Sistas are not only awesome RC Wives, but they kick butt on the track as well! Their racer husbands are very proud of how much they have accomplished!

Heather Reynolds


RC Wife of Bob Reynolds-

This lovely lady will always give a helping hand to her hubby while at the track. She is also his personal photographer & videographer while he races. 

Rebecca Gurganus


RC Wife of Larry Gurganus-

This RC Wife is pulling QUADRUPAL duty as her Husband daughter and 2 sons all race!! She races her electric truggy when not helping out the rest of her family. We give her FOUR thumbs up!! Thanks Mom!!

Melody Austin


RC Wife of Chris Austin- 

You don't get much more supportive than Mel. You can almost always find her hangin' in the pits with her man, entertaining him while he wrenches. Pull up a chair and solo cup and come chat it up with this cutie and maybe you'll hear that Southern Twang slip out. 

Michelle Ringwood (Left)


RC Wife of Jason Ringwood-

Tire gluing, cleaning between rounds, mounting new tires- this wife does it all! What else could a racer need in an RC Wife? She's a huge supporter and doesn't mind that her guy races every weekend. Definitely a keeper!

Katie Dickerson


RC Wife of Udo Richter-

This amazing girlfriend, seen here at Modesto RC Raceway scrubbing tires, always has the batteries charged for her racer by the time hes done turn marshalling.