Giving back to our community and our families

There is an old saying "It takes a village"... There are many RC racers out there who have had the nightmare of having a baby who struggled with a premature birth, birth defects or even the unthinkable, infant death. No parent shoud ever have to deal with such tragedy at a time that should be filled with love and celebration. Even with todays medical technology, there are still over 7000 newborn deaths a year and countless precious babies who struggle with birth defects and premature births.

March Of Dimes was developed in 1938 by President Roosevelt in an effort to support those who were struggling with the Polio epidemic. The gift of charity from the American people in the form of dimes came in and helped to develope programs and fund research to find a stop to the crippling viral disease. 

We are excited to be teaming up with some of the best in the RC Industry as well as the March Of Dimes in order to help further reaserch in infant mortality and birth defects by putting together a charity race "Dialed For Dimes". All proceeds from this amazing race will go directly to March Of Dimes research and development to help make sure that every baby starts their life healthy and going home to their families.


What makes "Dialed For Dimes" different from other races?

Getting the Wives involved

Getting the women out into the dirt is something we are passionate about. Many Wives hang out at the track but this race will focus on getting them up on the driver stand as well as in the pits. With every Hubby's paid entry, his Wife will race for half price!

The Main Event

Usually a main event will be with an amazing seasoned driver and their experienced pit person making sure they pit and get back out on the track to win! OUR main event will have a little twist. The pit person MUST be a WIFE!! 20 laps must be done with a pit stop somewhere in between THEN- places must be swapped!! The final 10 laps must be done by the WIFE including another pit stop!!

Making a Difference

The RC Community is unlike any other group of people on Earth. The way we come together for important causes is one of the most amazing things we can do for each other. RC Wives is commited to doing everything we can to support our friends and families ANYWAY we can. Please join us in making this race a success not only for us as an organization and RC Family, but for all the amazing research we will support with the March Of Dimes. 

A historical look at The March Of Dimes

You ARE a March of Dimes Baby

Interested in becoming a sponsor for this amazing event?

Events like these cannot come together without the help from wonderful sponsors who donate their time, energy, creativity & love. Join us in making this a successful event by donating to the cause- "Dialed For Dimes"! Contact us and join us in the fight for healthy babies all over the world.