Our Ambassadors


Janel Petrick, The Original Ambassador



Amanda Black, The South

Amanda is straight out of Texas y’all!!
Her home tracks are: Amped RC in Hallsville, Tx and Wild Bill’s Raceway in Irving, Tx. 🏎️
Her Husband is Jay Black 😍
Amanda can be seen helping out her husband and other racers on the track as well as racing herself. She is the 1st to let someone try her car to get them hooked on RC and has been known to throw a race for a child just to see the excitement on their face and plant that seed of love for our sport.
Amanda is a prime example of the team sprirt we represent and we are so excited to call her part of RC Wives!! 


Christine Belcastro, East Coast

Christine comes to us from Ohio!! 

Her home indoor track is EN Hobbies and they have their own outdoor track on their own property (How awesome is that??)🏎️

Her husband is Scott Belcastro 

RC Racing has been wonderful for her family to continue to communicate and bond in special ways and sometimes difficult ways. What better way can a family work together, be competitive, communicate and grow as a team? Nothing wrong with a little competition 😉
She not only manage their RC team but she'll also pit for her man. She travels all over the US and soon internationally. She has been pictured on live RC in the pits, marshaling and setting Scott down for nitro races. She is well-known in the northeast area for being a dedicated, hardworking wife and team manager. She sometimes gets down as the team mechanic and is not afraid to get down and dirty. Dang girl!! Get down with your bad self!


Courtney Rhodes, North West

Courtney comes to us from Illinois!! 

Her home track is Slideways RC which is located at Fayette County Speedway in Brownstown Illinois.. 🏎️

Cole Rhodes is the love of her life 😍

Courtney travels all over the US chasing races and feeding that love of RC. She is a supporter of not just points racing, but charity racing as well. Just this last weekend they made the journey all the way down to Mississippi to support a St.Judes race. Charity races hit close to home, for not just her, but all of us here at RC Wives as well.
Well done Courtney!! We are proud to call you an RC Wives Ambassador!


Randi Sawaske, West Coast

Randi comes to us from Fresno California!!
Her home outdoor track is Flightpath Raceway and for indoor is Rain-mans 🏎️
Jack Sawaske is her Hubby😍
Randi is a supporter of multiple RC Venues, outdoor, indoor AND on road tracks. She can’t remember the last time they had any vacation that didn’t involve something RC related. Girl, I think we can ALL RELATE!! LOL. They enjoy making pit stops at the small mom and pop hobby shops in the towns they pass through, and checking out as many RC tracks as they can from as far up Northern California as A-main, all the way down to SDRC in San Diego. RC Racing is not just their hobby but its become their way of life and their FAMILY!
Traveling and supporting other tracks all over the West Coast as well as showing the support to small Mom & Pop shops is something we here at RC Wives find to be very important in our sport. We are so proud to have Randi traveling and being the face of us wives out there in the dirt. Keep up the good work


Christie Wilson, California

"My home track is CVR Central Valley raceway in central California located in Madera. I help my husband Dennis Wilson of Wilson Fine design. He’s been racing off and on for the last 15 years or so- give or take a few and I started helping him about four years ago. I absolutely love going to the track with our truck family. We do a lot of traveling all over to the big races that are with JBRL or The Dirt and a lot of those races. We also do a lot of races up North in Chico, Southern California and DNC. We also occasionally do some 10th scale racing at Modesto RC which is located here in Modesto. I love helping the Wives and Girlfriends learn more about the hobby, helping the guys with pitstops and stuff like that. You know it’s just lotta fun. I really enjoy the camaraderie and the fun in general, just getting to know everybody and we really have created and made some long-term friendships and met some amazing people on the way. I hope to continue this as long as I can."


Yolandie Germishuys, South Africa

"My name is Yolandie Germishuys,  I'm a 42 year old proud mother of 2 boys, and live in sunny South Africa. In 2017 I was introduced to RC by my boyfriend Murray van Lelyveld. First I was just the one hanging around the pitlane,  then I started to pit for him.  Before I knew it I was helping him to spanner. In November 2018 I did my first race with my Losi 3.0 electric buggy. Quickly I learned to spanner and even build my own car. Now I'm driving and pitting for my boyfriend and son who also is a keen driver of a Short Corse Truck. The love for the sport has grown so much amongst our family that going to the track is an outing for all of us. Helping to pit, spanner and drive has become the thing to do on a weekend. I'm proud to be called a RC Wife, and hopefully I can show off all our tracks around our amazing Country."


Caty Carmendy, North Carolina

This incredible RC Wife is a Triple Threat!!
She's an amazing RC Wife
An RC Racer herself
AND she has her own successful Podcast "RACE LIKE A GIRL"

Her amazing attitude, knowledge, commitment to getting more women involved in RC and love of the sport is EXACTLY what the team here at RC Wives is all about. She will definitely be a strong influence here at on the RC Wives team and we are so excited to have her join us!!